Tranche Cellars


Why is a business address preferred for delivery?
Federal law requires a signature of someone 21 years or older for all deliveries containing alcoholic beverages. We strongly suggest a business address for wine shipping to ensure that an adult is available to accept delivery

What happens to my shipment if I am not available to sign for it?

UPS will make 3 attempts to deliver your package in hopes to get a signature. If on the third attempt you still do not sign for it, it will be sent back to Tranche. At that time we will contact you to get an updated address, but you will have to pay an additional shipping charge.

What happens if you ship out my club offering, and I realize you have the wrong shipping address?

Once a shipment has gone out, if it is early enough we can contact UPS and “intercept” your shipment and re-route to your new address for a charge of $15. This would have to take place immediately after the wine was shipped out.

I signed up for will-call; how does that work?
Will Call for Wine Club shipments is available at the winery during normal tasting room hours for three months following the first Pick Up day. Wine not picked up during this time will be shipped to the address on file and a shipping fee will apply. Unless prior arrangements have been made, after three months, your credit card will be charged for any applicable shipping fees, tax and insurance and will be sent to the address on file.

Can I suspend my membership temporarily?

We do not currently allow members to suspend their shipments.

What is the cancellation policy?

You must take your first two shipments. We will continue to ship wines to you three times per year unless we are notified that you wish to cancel your membership

How do the charges work for the shipments?

We will keep your credit card number in an encrypted file on our server.  We will charge your card approximately two weeks before we release the club shipments.  You will be charged your member rate for wine in addition to any sales tax as required by law and shipping.

What happens with returned shipments?

We will contact the member if any of their wine is returned to the winery.  If it is undeliverable due to an invalid shipping address or inability to secure an adult signature the shipment will be resent. The member will be responsible for any additional shipping charges that apply.

Can I change my club level and how do I do that?

If you would like to change your club level, all you have to do is call or email and we will be happy to update your club level.

How do the benefits work and when do they commence?

Once you sign up for the club, your discount is immediate.

How do I receive my membership discount online?

Once you have become a family member, you will automatically receive the discount associated with your club level.

I want to purchase a gift membership; how does that work?

We encourage members to add their friends and family to our club.  Gift memberships are subject to the same commitment requirements as our regular memberships.  Two shipments must be received before the member may cancel.

Can I add products to my club shipment? If so, do I have to pay extra for shipping?

If you would like to add additional products to your club shipment, please email or call prior to shipment. Additional shipping charges may apply as the rates are based on package weight. We will do our best to consolidate your order to be as cost effective as possible.

How much does it cost to join the club?

There is no fee to join our club. However, you must accept a minimum of two shipments before canceling. Membership is free, the wine is not. Once you join, you may begin utilizing your member benefits immediately.